Wawel Online Shop

Wawel Online Shop

This is a taste test/review of the Wawel candy bar in three flavors including Advocat, Toffi and Choco. They were bought at Jungle Jim’s International Market.

Music Credit: “Fearless First" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Wawel: Advocat, Toffi & Choco Review

Wawel Czujesz sie dobrze, czynisz dobrze Wawel to prawdziwe bogactwo wyboru kuszacych, mocno czekoladowych smaków. Czekolady Wawel pelne i nadziewane oraz czekolady duze, w. Wawel ''Malaga'' Schokopralinen 330g. Klassische Pralinen von Wawel mit einer charakteristischen Form und Gestalt. Gefüllt mit einer zarten cremigen Füllung voller süßer. We know, how important are moments of delight, so to make a ritual of them we created a chain of Wawel outlets, where, while drinking delicious hot chocolate and doing sweet shopping, you. As the political and cultural heart of Poland through the 16th century, Wawel Royal Castle is a potent symbol of national identity. It's now a museum containing five separate sections: Crown. Nazwa marki: Wawel Nazwa producenta: Wawel S.A. Wawel SA to jedna z najstarszych fabryk cukierniczych w Polsce. Firma szczyci sie tradycjami siegajacymi konca XIX wieku. W 1898.