Cmake Command Not Found

Cmake Command Not Found

1. Installing CMake in 2 minutes on Windows

This is a short video about the manual installation of CMake.

CMake is an open-source and cross-platform build system.
You can download it here :

(I apologize if I missed the pronunciation of some words ( β—‘β€Ώβ—‘ *))

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2. Installing CMake Command Line Tool on a Mac

This video shows how to install the CMake Command Line Tool (Version 3) on OS X.

3. CMake_C_COMPILER error in windows 10 SOLVED | Failed to build Wheel SOLVED

This video shows the solution for the error which occurs during installation of python packages in windows 10. The error is known as CMake_C_COMPILER error , Failed to build Wheel , CXX compiler error and by many other names. I have shown how to solve the error step by step in our video. The steps are following :-
1. Run "conda install -c anaconda cmake" in your cmd in admin mode OR Install CMake from their website and the Environment variable (location of bin in your CMake).

2.Download Visual Studio build tools, RUN the .exe file and SELECT C++ tools (around 4.5 GB).

3.RUN "pip install dlib" in your Command Prompt in admin mode.
4.RUN "pip install face_recognition" (OPTIONAL).

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4. How to Setup Makefiles on Windows - C/C++ Compilation

How to Guide for installing and using Makefiles on Windows machines. We will install a make port made for windows and I will walk you through step by step the entire process of getting make setup on your windows machine.

Makefiles allow you to compile and link multiple c or c++ files easily. This tutorial is for windows users as make is already installed on Linux and mac systems.

β­• Written Guide:

β­• Download Link to mingw-get:

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5. ROS1 - roscore command not found - How to Fix

Here's what to do if you get the error "roscore: command not found" with ROS (Noetic, Melodic, Kinetic).
πŸ‘‰ Complete ROS1 Course for Beginners: πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯
πŸ‘‰ Complete ROS2 Course for Beginners: πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

0:00 The β€œroscore command not found” error
0:10 Don’t do this!
0:28 The reason why you get this error
1:05 Fix the issue: source ROS
2:16 Add the source line in your .bashrc
3:12 Outro

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6. How to Fix Bash: Command not Found in Linux

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Terminal command
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin

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7. How to solve Invoking Cmake Failed Error in ROS

Hello everyone,

In this video i will try to solve the Cmake Error in ROS.

8. Installing CMake and G++ on Ubuntu 20.04

How to create an environment before we start creating projects on CMake

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9. From the Command Line, to Make, to CMake, to Conan

San Diego C++ meetup #39 - virtual meeting - Thursday 6-23-2022

By Nick Ristuccia from JFrog!

This session examines the layers of tooling used to produce C/C++ applications and make developers’ lives easier. Surveys say a major pain point facing C/C++ developers is long build times. One way to save time is to only re-build an artifact when a change occurs. Although the command line offers the precision of specifying what to build, doing this and tracking changes manually can quickly become a daunting and error-prone proposition. Make as a build system allows developers to specify and execute command-line statements depending on what file changes are detected. However, these statements may be particular to one compiler or operating system. CMake provides the missing flexibility for a makefile file. One CMake file can generate what’s needed for a variety of build systems, compilers, and operating systems. Another major pain point facing C/C++ developers is managing all the libraries needed by an application. Libraries provide the functionality programs need. But it gets tricky when libraries depend on other libraries that depend on other libraries in a spaghetti-like formation. The goal of Conan as a package manager is to alleviate this burden. ConanCenter, for example, features over 1000 recipes. The promise of a recipe is to untangle the spaghetti and list the dependencies for a given library.

Nick started in the video games industry, developing titles for console and mobile. Disappointed by the oppressive corporate feel of traditional technical training, Nick's passion is to create more engaging and powerful learning experiences through game-based learning and other playful techniques. As a Curriculum Developer at Oracle, he focused on Java programming and certification. As a Developer Advocate at JFrog, his focus is on C++, Conan, and other JFrog technologies.

10. C++ HelloWorld on Visual Studio Code with CMake Under 6 Minutes

Visual Studio Code is perhaps the best "free" integrated development environment (IDE) for C++ projects. In this video, I will walk over step by step installing VSCode, C++ extensions, creating a project, building, running, and debugging with CMake build system. Hopefully this video will help CLion users considering switching to VSCode.

11. CMake Tutorial EP 6 | Installing Your Software! (part 1/2 of install)

There will be another episode about installing using the industry-standard CPACK, but this method is pretty awesome too, and works fine for a basic install.

full CMake playlist:

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12. Fix error react native reanimated not found CMake

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13. MacOS CMake install command line tools

This is way more complicated than it should be, but this is the way to install the command line tools for CMake on MacOS. Unfortunately, the default way to perform this installation fails for users who are not superusers, so you need to do this little trick to fix the problem.

14. [CXX1300] CMake '3.10.2' was not found in SDK, PATH, or by cmake.dir property.

Solution - [CXX1300] CMake '3.10.2' was not found in SDK, PATH, or by cmake.dir property.
in Android Studio , Unable to find CMake in Android Studio - during generate sha1 key i got CMake '3.10.2' was not found in SDK issue 2022

Open SDK Manager
Switch to the SDK Tools tab
Install CMake

How to Install Android Studio:

Publish game app on play store:

could not get version from cmake.dir path
ndk does not contain any platforms
ndk is missing a platforms'' directory android studio 4.1 1
android studio set cmake path
ndk is not installed flutter
gradle project cmake.path is but that file doesn't exist
android studio cmake
processexception: failed to find "cmake" in the search path.

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15. Error : CMake '3.10.2' was not found in PATH or by cmake.dir property. | Gradle sync failed

How to configure CMake, CMake '3.10.2' was not found in PATH or by cmake.dir
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