Cmake Message

Cmake Message

1. Cmake message,set and if #3 [عربى]


cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.22)
message(STATUS "SRC File has ${SRC_FILES}")
message ( "path is ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}")

message("file exist")
message(FATAL_ERROR "file not exist")

add_executable(hellobinary ${SRC_FILES})
target_include_directories(hellobinary PUBLIC include/)

2. C++Now 2017: Daniel Pfeifer “Effective CMake

Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at:

While CMake has become the de-facto standard buildsystem for C++, it's siblings
CTest and CPack are less well known. This talk gives a lightspeed introduction into these three tools and then focuses on best practices on building, testing, and packaging. We will learn how to manage dependencies and export our libraries in such a way that they can be easily used by our clients. We will crosscompile for different platforms and run our tests in an emulator.
We will analyze code coverage and perform static and dynamic code analysis.

Daniel is an Electrical Engineer turned into a Computer Scientist. He works as C++ developer, system architect, trainer and guru for C++ and CMake. Daniel is the founder of the C++ user group in Munich. He is also an active contributor to CMake and knows some undocumented internals.

Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films:



3. Simplified CMake Tutorial

CMake is a complex beast and hopefully I make it simple and easy to understand in this tutorial while also utilizing somewhat Modern CMake features. There's a ton of different ways to do things so it's crucial to ditch some of the more outdated ways of doing things.

You can follow along here:!cpp/
My C++ setup for CMake here:

#build #modern #cmake #cpp

00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Hello World
03:55 - Clearing up clutter
04:47 - Vim plugin
06:05 - Header files
09:53 - More source files
13:52 - Custom Library
17:30 - Depending on a CMake ready lib
21:10 - Depending on a lib manually
26:46 - CPM

4. C++ Weekly - Ep 208 - The Ultimate CMake / C++ Quick Start

Biggest episode ever! CMake, sanitizers, clang-tidy, conan, cmake-format, clang-format, cppcheck, doxygen, ctest, catch, {fmt}, and more!

Professional CMake Book:

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5. CMake Tutorial EP 8 | find_library(...) (part 1/2 of find lib)

Find the libraries, wherever they may be. This should help you figure out how to use external libraries that are on your computer, but not within your project. Note that it does find them if they are in your project too unless you tell it not to.

full CMake playlist:


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6. Learn CMake by real example (tutorial5, src/build/install dir of the cmake)

this video explain how to install the project by cmake

Related videos

introduce the cmake and it’s main concepts by simple demo 1:45s

example of using the find_packages, shared link vs static link

integrate other programs into your program by cmake 4:00

how to generate .cmake file used by other projects

src dir, build dir and install dir of the cmake

use cmake to compile MPI or CUDA program


github repo:

7. CMake основы

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8. Florent Castelli: Introduction to CMake

CMake is a tool designed to help you build and test your software. It is now more popular than ever and is now supported by some major IDEs and libraries, including Android Studio, CLion, QtCreator or Visual Studio.

Let's cover the basics, understand how CMake works and how to write modern and extensible cross-platform build scripts with CMake.
We'll cover some examples on how to enable some modern C++ tooling through CMake, improving code quality and build times.

The evening continued with a workshop.
Links to the examples:

Recorded at SwedenCpp, C++ Stockholm 0x0C, CMake workshop at Tritech Technology (, 26 April 2018

Some pictures of the evening:

9. How to CMake Good - 2e - Source/Binary Directories and add_subdirectory()

It's not big and glamorous, but this topic is essential to understand for a lot of upcoming code that will be dealing with files and paths.

It's been a while, so I'm a bit rusty. You can tell in my voice and inflection. There a bit of screen tearing, which returned after an OS upgrade a few months back. It'll be fixed in the next installment.

I've been busy for a while, but wanted to get another upload before the 2018 holidays.

Looking for help on CMake, C++, or programming in general? Maybe just want a place to hang out and talk to other C++ developers? Join us in the C++ Slack, where you can find me as @vector-of-bool.

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10. CMake_C_COMPILER error in windows 10 SOLVED | Failed to build Wheel SOLVED

This video shows the solution for the error which occurs during installation of python packages in windows 10. The error is known as CMake_C_COMPILER error , Failed to build Wheel , CXX compiler error and by many other names. I have shown how to solve the error step by step in our video. The steps are following :-
1. Run "conda install -c anaconda cmake" in your cmd in admin mode OR Install CMake from their website and the Environment variable (location of bin in your CMake).

2.Download Visual Studio build tools, RUN the .exe file and SELECT C++ tools (around 4.5 GB).

3.RUN "pip install dlib" in your Command Prompt in admin mode.
4.RUN "pip install face_recognition" (OPTIONAL).

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11. CMake Tutorial EP 3 | Git Submodules (adding glfw windowing library example)

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12. CMake: How to Build and Package C/C++ Projects

In this workshop we will learn about CMake, a build generation tool used to build cross platform C/C++ projects. If you are struggling to start your own C/C++ journey, and don’t know how to structure a C/C++ project, then this workshop is for you!

Source code:
CppCon 2017 Mathieu Ropert Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design:

13. Modern CMake Modules - Bret Brown - CppCon 2021
At Bloomberg, we have thousands of independently maintained first- and third-party C++ projects built with CMake. One of the keys to achieving this scale, while also keeping engineers productive, has been leveraging one of the most underrated and underutilized features of CMake — its extensibility via its module system. Bloomberg utilizes dozens of single-purpose CMake modules to allow its tens of thousands of CMakeLists.txt files to stay declarative, flexible, future-proof, and simple -- all while using modern CMake principles!

This talk will cover what CMake modules are, how to write one using the latest CMake features, and how to package one for others to use. Importantly, this talk will also cover when *not* to write a CMake module.

If you find yourself wincing at all the repetitive boilerplate in the CMakeLists.txt across your projects, this is the talk for you!

Bret Brown

Software engineer currently focusing on improving C and C++ ergonomics, correctness, and productivity for Bloomberg's Developer Experience department.

Bret likes making authoring and maintaining C++ codebases simpler and more intuitive by treating projects more like cattle and less like pets. He is especially interested in the software development lifecycle, development automation, modern build systems, packaging, code transformation, software governance, and code analysis.
Bret worked in embedded C++ and safety critical C++ for previous employers.

Currently lead of Bloomberg's Build Tools team, responsible for tools such as CMake, pkg-config, and compilation toolchains.

Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films:

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14. How to Create a Simple Makefile - Introduction to Makefiles

In this video I show how to create a simple makefile.

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15. Deep CMake for Library Authors - Craig Scott - CppCon 2019

Discussion & Comments:

Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at:

This talk presents a road map for C++ library authors grappling with cross-platform aspects of library development and deployment. It highlights key CMake features that every cross-platform library project should be using and digs deeper into the platform-specific quirks and conventions behind them. The material presented will give library authors more robust control over their API, smoother integration with major platforms and packaging systems, and more convenient inclusion by other projects.

The presentation will firstly examine how symbol visibility, library versioning and API evolution can be handled coherently across all major platforms and compilers. CMake provides dedicated features for these that are easy to use, but with the deeper understanding provided by this talk, library authors will be able to make these areas work together more seamlessly and avoid future maintenance and compatibility issues.

We will then explore how platform and vendor differences affect the installed directory layout for projects with libraries. CMake features for transparently handling the different conventions and policies will be presented, including recent CMake improvements which simplify this task. The importance of RPATH/RUNPATH functionality for improved runtime robustness and ease of use will also be explained, along with some associated support CMake provides.

Along the way, the talk will mention a number of specific things that CMake library projects should do or avoid to make themselves easy for other projects to consume. This will include versioning support for CMake config package files, guidance on defining install components and accounting for the different ways that projects may incorporate yours into their build.

Craig Scott
Crascit Pty Ltd

Craig is a CMake co-maintainer and author of the book “Professional CMake: A Practical Guide”. He has been developing cross-platform C++ software since 2001, targeting most major platforms and working on large scale frameworks, scientific algorithm development, Qt GUI applications, backend services and embedded devices. He is the company founder of Crascit Pty Ltd, through which he offers consulting services related to CMake, C++ and build/release processes.

Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films:

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