Cmake Tutorial

Cmake Tutorial

1. CMake Tutorial EP 1 | Understanding The Basics

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2. Simplified CMake Tutorial

CMake is a complex beast and hopefully I make it simple and easy to understand in this tutorial while also utilizing somewhat Modern CMake features. There's a ton of different ways to do things so it's crucial to ditch some of the more outdated ways of doing things.

You can follow along here:!cpp/
My C++ setup for CMake here:

#build #modern #cmake #cpp

00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Hello World
03:55 - Clearing up clutter
04:47 - Vim plugin
06:05 - Header files
09:53 - More source files
13:52 - Custom Library
17:30 - Depending on a CMake ready lib
21:10 - Depending on a lib manually
26:46 - CPM

3. CMake Tutorial For Beginners - Episode 1

This video shows you how to make a hello world project with CMake. You will learn how to use the add_executable command to create an executable target. As well as the install command for installing targets. Some basic use of variables is covered as well. All the coding is done in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

4. CMake软件构建实战

5. How To Use VS CODE for C++ | With CMake & Any Compiler

Going over a starter template to manage your C++ project with Visual Studio Code.

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6. CMake Tutorial EP 2 | Libraries and Subdirectories

this episode has been re-done, new version here:

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7. C++ Weekly - Ep 208 - The Ultimate CMake / C++ Quick Start

Biggest episode ever! CMake, sanitizers, clang-tidy, conan, cmake-format, clang-format, cppcheck, doxygen, ctest, catch, {fmt}, and more!

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8. CMake fundamentals step by step with basic example - Part 1

The biggest problem working with C/C++ application development is it's build system.

Also this is one of the bottle neck, where lot of developer doesn't stay long with C/C++ application development, and they look for better and easy build system, which they only get in other programming languages like Rust, Java, C# et. not in C/C++

Also other pain point in C/C++ application development is they have lot of options for build system. Choosing one build system among many is one other pain point. Even after they choose, if project demands
to migrate to other build system, it's a nightmare.

To tackle add these problems we have CMake build system generators

In simple CMake is not a build system rather its generator of build system. You can choose the build system which you want to generate.

Learning CMake is not as simple as we hear, because we thing too much about compiling, linking and including.

In CMake, you can concentrate on organizing your folder structure rather than bothering about your build system and how to edit it. that is the beauty of CMake.

All C/C++ application program has three major things
1. How to create executable, shared library and static library
2. How to supply library to consumers
3. How to consume libraries from others

All these can be addressed easily with CMake irrespective of build system

In this upcoming videos, I will be explaining above three mentioned points

Since it is my first video tutorial, feel free to post your feedback

9. CMake Tutorial EP 2 | Libraries | Installing | Pairing with Executables | RE-DONE!

original ep2 -

full CMake playlist:

10. CppCon 2017: Mathieu Ropert “Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design”

Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at:

CMake is the build system chosen by most open-source C++ projects. While it is fully capable of helping you enforce a good modular design, those features are usually not well known or understood.

In this talk I will present modern CMake practices that will simplify your project build and help you design better C++ components with clear dependencies and build interfaces (the sum of compile flags required to use a given library).

We will first do a quick recap of the theory behind modular design, most of it coming from John Lakos' work on Large Scale C++ Software Development. Then we will see a few of the legacy CMake patterns that can be found in a lot of open source projects and explain their shortcomings. We will learn how to create a clean C++ library using modern CMake practices and depend on it in others modules. Finally, we will explore the options available to export the build interfaces for use by external projects. In this last part a few external tools will be discussed such as pkg-config and Conan.

Mathieu Ropert: Senior Developer, Murex

Mathieu is a Senior Developer at Murex where he works as a C++ expert and animates internal workshops & events. A long term open-source enthusiast, he tries to make C++ more portable across platforms. He is also co-host of the Paris C++ Meetup.

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11. Modern CMake for C++

How to build a simple C++ project with CMake? What about advanced projects?

#programming #tech #softwaredevelopment #cmake #cpp

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12. CMake основы

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13. CMake: How to Build and Package C/C++ Projects

In this workshop we will learn about CMake, a build generation tool used to build cross platform C/C++ projects. If you are struggling to start your own C/C++ journey, and don’t know how to structure a C/C++ project, then this workshop is for you!

Source code:
CppCon 2017 Mathieu Ropert Using Modern CMake Patterns to Enforce a Good Modular Design:

14. C++ HelloWorld on Visual Studio Code with CMake Under 6 Minutes

Visual Studio Code is perhaps the best "free" integrated development environment (IDE) for C++ projects. In this video, I will walk over step by step installing VSCode, C++ extensions, creating a project, building, running, and debugging with CMake build system. Hopefully this video will help CLion users considering switching to VSCode.

15. Better CMake Part 1 -- Basic Project Setup and Usage

Topic time stamps:

0:00 - Intro + motivation
2:13 - Create a minimal CMakeLists.txt
4:10 - Build vs. source directories
5:03 - Separating build from source trees
6:09 - Running CMake on existing builds
7:03 - CMake UI tools
9:04 - Using different build system generators
10:04 - Generically invoke your build
10:53 - Wrap up



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