Curcumin E100 Halal

Curcumin E100 Halal

1. 10 Dangerous ingredientsin in food that you should avoid / Natural Master No.1

10 Dangerous E - ingredients that you should avoid

Some E-ingredients are completely natural and safe for consumption.
The most famous of them is curcumin whose number E100.
But there are those ingredients that should be avoided.
These are artificially derived additives have toxic effects, and are used to extend the shelf life and reduce their cost of manufacture.
About types of E-components and their health acceptability globally decide the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN.
At European level, their control is under the supervision of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

10 additives which must be avoided

E102 - tartrazine
This additive is associated with hyperactivity in children.
May cause allergic reactions, and in those who suffer from asthma, rhinitis and urticaria may intensify symptoms.
Containing by products such as mustard, jam, jelly, marzipan, soft drinks, cream powder, soup, ice cream, chewing gum.

E122 - azorubine
This is another ingredient that can cause hyperactivity in children, but also allergic reactions in younger generations and adults.
Containing by products such as sweets, yogurts, soups, jams, jams, jellies.

E129 - Allura Red AC
This red dye is also a potential cause of hyperactivity and allergies.
Widely used as a food coloring, in snacks, sauces, soups, juices, decorations and toppings for cakes and pastries.

E621 - sodium glutamate
This additive is used as an artificial sweetener and flavor enhancers in a wide range of products.
It can cause symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, cramps, muscle pain, heart palpitations, chest pain, rash.

E951 - aspartame
The main role of these substances is sweetening foods.
It is often present in diabetic products such as desserts, products with reduced fat and sugar, and the snacks and sweets.
It was found that contributes to worsening of symptoms in patients suffering from PKU (phenylketonuria).
In healthy people can cause nausea and headaches.

E211 - sodium benzoate
E211 is in products such as soy sauce, salad dressing, sweets and soft drinks.
Studies have found that it is associated with hyperactivity in children, and has been proven and that can cause a reaction in people who have allergic disease or asthma.

E151 - brilliant black BN
E151 is a form of black synthetic colors used as food coloring in certain products.
Like many additives and it is associated with allergic reactions.

E213 - calcium benzoate
This product is used as a preservative to extend the shelf-life of food and beverages.
In people with asthma, urticaria and in people sensitive to aspirin can cause allergic reactions.
There is a suspicion that it has carcinogenic properties.

E952 - cyclamate
It is used as an artificial sweetener of food and drinks, and is especially present in products for diabetics.
This compound is a potential cause of testicular disease, and is associated with the appearance of cancer, particularly bladder cancer.

E240 - formaldehyde
E240 is a colorless gas, which is used in the form of aqueous - formalin.
It is used in the production of cheese, jelly, jam, candy and dairy products.
It is associated with problems such as fatigue, headaches, nosebleeds, and with the appearance of malignant tumors.

Are all E-dangerous ingredients?

For those who fear the E-numbers, or by the presence of food additives, it should be noted that not all additives are harmful.
Some of them are safe and completely harmless to human health.
These are primarily additives of natural origin that may be herbal, additives from microorganisms and mineral additives.
In the opinion of nutritionists and other experts to use are safe: pectin, lecithin, vitamins, minerals, citric acid, lactic acid, alginates, natural flavors, natural colors, casein, lactose, natural vanilla.

2. Halal Checker: E-numbers, Food & Product, Additive - made with Flutter Framework

Please, click the following link to download the app:

We provide a list of e-numbers/E-codes for you to check what your product is made of.

This is one of the best halal checker apps in the market as it works without internet connection and it is fast to present data.

This app is made with Flutter Framework.

3. Emergency Video_ How to know if you have pork fat by watching e-code (E 951)

Emergency Video_ How to know if you have pork fat by watching e-code (E 951)

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4. गालियां देकर पाकिस्तानियों को रोकने वाले फौजी की कहानी | Gen Panag की किताब के Indian Army पर किस्से

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5. Vegan Food Check : Search E-Numbers, Additives

E-Numbers or E-Codes are codes that are standardized by the European Economic Community (EEC) and accepted worldwide. Expresses the content of additives used in food products.

In general, the content of food products is not given in detail. E-numbers (E Codes) are used instead. Additives used in the production of Food Products affect the Vegan status of the product. You can check detailed and accurate information about E-numbers by using this application.

E-numbers (E- Codes) are reference numbers used by the European Union to facilitate the identification of food additives. The Commission of the European Union assigns e-numbers after the additive is cleared by the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF), the body responsible for the safety evaluation of food additives in the European Union.

The E number (E- Codes) are categorized as follows:

• E 100 – E 199 (Colours)
• E 200 – E 299 (Preservatives)
• E 300 – E 399 (Antioxidants, Acidity Regulators)
• E 400 – E 499 (Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers)
• E 500 – E 599 (Acidity Regulators, Anti-Caking Agents)
• E 600 – E 699 (Flavour Enhancers)
• E 900 – E 999 (Surface Coating Agents, Gases, Sweeteners)
• E 1000 – E 1999 (Additional Chemicals)

Vegan means not meeting the nutritional needs from animal foods. According to the vegan lifestyle, the use of products produced with animal fats together with meat and milk from animals is not correct. In this philosophy, eating in accordance with environmental ethics is as important as living healthy.

You can reach detailed and accurate information about E-Numbers (E- Code) by using this application. You can also check whether the additives cause allergies or cancer. The final decision is yours.

You will find the following features in the application:
1. Check food additives (E-Nummers/E-Codes) and Vegan Status
2. Application explains their basic properties (harmfulness, suitable for vegetarians, allergic effect)
3. It shows the status of plant origin additives. Its feature of being a vegan product may vary depending on the solvents used.
4. You can use the application in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, French and Portuguese.
5. You can search within the application. The search includes the content and names of additives.

6. لماذا لا ننصح بالمنتجات التي تحتوي على الملون القرمزي E120 المستخرج من الدودة القرمزية ؟

رابط التطبيق على الأندرويد :
رابط التطبيق على الآيفون :
اسم المجموعة على الفيس بوك
طعام حلال وشراب زُلال
اضغط على الرابط التالي :
أهم مواضيع المجموعة :
تطبيق حلال زلال على الأندرويد للكشف عن الطعام الحلال 2017
هل صحيح أن العلكة الخالية من السكر تحتوي على الكحول ؟
لماذا نعتبر الملون القرمزي E120 المستخرج من الدودة القرمزية والموجود في بعض المنتجات حرام ؟
الاستحالة بالاستهلاك وتأثيرها على المضافات المشبوهة في إباحة الكثير من المنتجات في السوق الغربية
هل كلمة Emulgator تعني أن المنتج يحتوي على دهن الخنزير ؟
كيف نميز دهن الخنزير وما الفرق بين كلمتي Schmelz و Schmalz ؟
كشف كذب الجداول المتداولة على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي مجهولة المصدر الجزء الاول
- كشف كذب الجداول المتداولة على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي مجهولة المصدر الجزء الثاني
شرح لجداول المضافات المسموح تناولها الجزء الأول
شرح لجداول المضافات المسموح تناولها الجزء الثاني
وكل ما يهم المسلمين بخصوص الطعام الحلال والابتعاد عن الطعام الحرام من خنزير وملونات وغيرها . هل منتجات بسكويت OREO حلال أم حرام؟

7. [APP] E Numbers

I present you the app "E Numbers".

Do you know all the ingredients of the food you eat?
A large part of the food additives dangerous to your health, and some of them are even prohibited.

The "E numbers" presents a list of over 500 chemical additives which are in the food eaten by us.
With this app you can quickly see what is in the composition of the purchased article: harmful chemicals or essential vitamin?

Data are presented on a single, very quickly refreshed list.

Each item (Appendix) contains data:
1. Name (for example: sodium benzoate)
2. The number (for example: E211)
3. Status (safe, suspicious, dangerous)
4. The threat type (allergic, causing hyperactivity, carcinogenic, genetically modified (GMO)
animal origin, dangerous for children)
5. allocated category:
Dyes: E100-E199
Preservatives: E200-E299
Antioxidants and acidity regulators: E300-E399
Thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers: E400-E499
PH regulators and anti-caking agents (expanders): E500-E599
Flavor enhancers: E600-E699
Antibiotics: E700-E799
Sweeteners, polishes and other: E900-E999
Additional chemicals: E1000-E1599
6. Detailed sub-category, according to the classification of food additives
7. Basic information, origin
8. The list of items in which it is used
9. Side effects after ingestion

The free version contains ads AdMob and a limit on the number of characters of descriptive data displayed additives.
Full version "E Numbers Pro" is free of ads and limits.

Some of the best features:
- The application stores the data in an SQLite database available on any Android device.
High standard used when creating the database provides instant access to the data.
- Convenient, easy-to-use user interface and navigation
- Active development application (email me if you have any questions, suggestions, comments)
- More coming soon!

Enjoy it!

Required qualifications:
INTERNET, ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - to display ads in the free version and support my work (you can remove the ads in the "Remove Ads")
CHECK_LICENSE - control of the pay-version license

Tournament Manager

The music was downloaded from
This work has been identified as being free of known restrictions under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights.
You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. See Other Information below.

8. خاص بمسلمين المهجر: كيفاش نعرف منتج حلال أوحرام؟+تطبيقات خاص تكون موجودة عندك مع شرح كل واحدة منها

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9. Introduction of H numbers

10. Snack City Kurleez Mirch Masala Flavoured Potato Chips

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11. APL Products Overview with Mary Esther Gilbert, MS HN, BS NSP.

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