Kit Kat Cookie Dough

Kit Kat Cookie Dough

"Get in the Gym Get Chunky"

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MJ checks out the brand new flavour of Kit Kat Chunky, this is the Cookie Dough flavour, and it is bland.
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Cookie dough Kit Kats are the latest candy concoction to make our mouths water. But there's a catch — they're only available in certain countries! If you're dying to try these, never fear, we've come up with an easy recipe packed with even more cookie dough than the original.

1 2/3 cups melted milk chocolate, divided
1/2 batch Edoughble's edible chocolate chip cookie dough
8 chocolate wafer cookies

Special equipment:
Chocolate molds

Coat the inside of 8 rectangular chocolate molds with 1 cup melted chocolate, making sure to distribute evenly on all sides. Leave room in the center to layer wafers and cookie dough. Let freeze for 10-15 minutes.

Retrieve the chocolate molds from the freezer and pack them about a quarter full of cookie dough, then top with a wafer cookie. Make sure there is still a little bit of room at the top of each mold in order to seal candy bar. Spread your remaining melted chocolate on top of the wafer, and seal it together. Let freeze for another 5 minutes, pop them out of the chocolate molds, and enjoy!

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Kitkat - Chunky - Cookie Dough

6. KitKat Cookies | Kitchen Ninja

Buttery, crisp outside, chewy inside, loaded with KitKat ❤️
These one bowl cookies are super easy to make and the dough comes together with just a spatula.
Just so deliciously irresistible! Say hello to your new favorite cookie recipe!

100gms butter
1/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
KitKat (6 x 2 finger bars) (more for garnishing)

This recipe makes approx 18-20 cookies

#kitkat #kitkatcookies #kitkatarabia #cookies #crispoutsidesoftinside #delicious #indulgent #irresistible #bakingwithkids #partymenu #kidspartyrecipe #kitchenninja

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8. KITKAT - Cookies

Soft, tasty, and lots of KITKAT Breaks inside!!

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I think the cookie dough cream filling tastes bad.

Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough review by Walking The Candy Aisle

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Love a classic, but also want a new flavour? NEW KITKAT CHUNKY CARAMEL & COOKIE DOUGH!! Two new flavours have been added to the Canadian line up of the classic Nestle hit Kitkat Chunky!! If you love a runny caramel, or the sounds of editable cookie dough, then these might be just what you long for!! Let’s check them out!!


Today I reviewed the delicious Cookie Dough Kitkat!

Please ignore my silly hair! What kind of KitKats do you guys prefer? Do you remember the name having a dash? I sure do...Mandela effect?

Saw these new Kit Kat Chunky flavours - Cookie Dough and Popcorn - and had to try them out.

Welcome to Hao Chi Ma! We review your favourite snacks from around the world. This week, we review a crowd pleasing classic - Kit Kat Chunky chocolate bars - in Cookie Dough flavour!
Follow us on Instagram and TikTok: @haochimama

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