Lucky Charms Bad Ingredients

Lucky Charms Bad Ingredients

1. Lucky Charms Investigated by FDA

Iconic cereal Lucky Charms is allegedly making hundreds of people sick with vomiting and gastro issues — so what's going on?
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2. Watch This before Eating LUCKY CHARMS!! Is LUCKY CHARMS BAD for YOU! **Re-Visited 2022**

Lucky Charms is one of those breakfast cereals you know has to be unhealthy for you. Its almost laughable.. think about it.. Marsh-mellow.. colorful rice bits! No way this is apart of a balanced breakfast! So i'm curious to know.. is lucky charms as un-healthy as we think??? so.. To the INGREDIENTS LIST!

3. A man exposes cereal companies for putting poison in their cereal!

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4. What's Healthier 🥩Red Meat or ☘️Lucky Charms

What's healthier? Red meat or lucky charms? What about Frosted Mini-Wheats?

Well a group of real, actual scientists, from Tufts University, came up with a new tool to help public officials develop public nutrition policy.

According to this new system, lucky charms, with a score of 60 out of 100, are about twice as healthy compared to ground beef and steak, which are scored at 26 and 30.

Nice. Sounds pretty dumb.

Lucky charms contain refined carbs, starches, processed sugar - some of the worst ingredients that a human can eat.

Frosted mini-wheats, scored at 87, are three times healthier than steak and contain many of the same ingredients as lucky charms, and both cereals are also fortified with synthetic vitamins, which, unlike real vitamins, don’t have co-factors which makes them less bioavailable.

Steak and ground beef, contain highly bioavailable proteins, b vitamins, zinc, vitamins a, d, e, and k, choline, L-carnotine, selenium, and copper.

It appears that public health continues to remain broken. Not a surprise, just more confirmation that you may want to do your own research. But, honestly - what the actual f*ck?

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5. The truth behind Lucky Charms

Just how powerful is this little leprechaun?

6. You May NEVER Eat Cereal Again After Watching This

Is cereal healthy? No. Here's why you may never (or should never) eat it again.


0:00 Introduction: Is cereal healthy?
0:35 Cereal serving size
1:40 Cereal nutrition facts
10:33 What is a healthy breakfast?
11:10 How did the idea of "healthy cereal" start?
12:35 Check out this video on the most dangerous food you can eat!

Is cereal a healthy way to start the day, or is cereal bad for you? That's what we're going to talk about today.

The nutrition facts on a cereal box are based on one serving size. The problem is that this serving size is unrealistic. The average serving size is one cup, but as we look at the nutrition facts, we're going to multiply them by four to get more realistic numbers.

There is a tremendous amount of sugar and carbs in cereal. This is going to spike your blood sugar levels and insulin, which will cause you to be hungry and tired just a couple of hours later.

Consuming large amounts of sugar and carbs can also lead to:
• Insulin resistance
• A loss of concentration, memory, and focus
• A fatty liver
• Developing fat around the organs in the midsection
• Diabetes
• Inflammation
• High cholesterol
• Anxiety
• Cavities
• A higher risk of heart problems

Cereals are not high in fiber like some may claim. Also, even though some cereals contain "healthy whole grains," these whole grains aren't actually healthy because whole grains contain phytic acid, which can make certain nutrients unavailable for your body to use. Refined grains deplete essential nutrients as well.

Cereal is loaded with synthetic vitamins, not natural vitamins, and even these synthetic vitamins become useless when the cereal is processed.

Cereal also contains artificial coloring, flavoring, and other chemicals. Some of these chemicals can affect your endocrine system and are even carcinogens.

A great alternative to cereal for breakfast is having eggs—eggs are fantastic for your health. Bacon, sausage, or avocados are also great choices to have with your eggs for a healthy breakfast.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of why cereal is not a healthy choice. I'll see you in the next video.

7. Trying LUCKY CHARMS COFFEE! | Liana Jade #shorts

Have you tried this??

Instagram: Liana_jadee
YouTube: @ConnorAndLiana

8. Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Everyone loves Lucky Charms! Watch Claire's attempt to recreate your favorite childhood cereal.

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Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

9. Are Lucky charms un-healthy! Nutrition Facts Review **Updated 2021**

This video may answer:

Are Lucky Charms Healthy?
Are Lucky Charms Bad for you?
Are Lucky charms Good for you?
How much sugar is in Lucky charms?

10. Complaints of illness from Lucky Charms, Cheerios

FOX 26 Consumer Reporter explains more about the 7,000 people who have said they got sick after eating Lucky Charms cereal.

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11. You Still Wanna Eat Lucky Charms Bioengineered Ingredients in Food @KSheaO

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13. Paint Thinner in Children's Cereal Exposed

Nick Brannigan and Vicky LePage return to the Las Vegas Strip to educate people of painter thinner aka trisodium phosphate in children's cereal with a LIVE FOOD DEMO! Do the tourists and locals on the Strip care? Will they avoid this toxic ingredient in the future? Watch to find out!

14. Top 5 Things to keep inside your Wallet to be LUCKY!

Do you have a new wallet? Here's some things to keep inside your wallet to attract money.

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15. Is Lucky Charms Cereal making you sick Is there an FDA recall on Lucky Charms 2022

Over 3000 consumers have complained on about Lucky Charms cereal illness, but will General Mills or the FDA issue a recall after their investigation? After months of consumer complaints, the FDA is investigating Lucky Charms cereal and the possible link to food poisoning like symptoms. Although it is rare for breakfast cereal to carry pathogens after baking, Lucky Charms contains ingredients and Lucky Charms marshmallows which are not baked.

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