Mrs Butterworth S Lite

Mrs Butterworth S Lite

1. Mrs Butterworth, Lite Syrun commercial

Mrs Butterworth, Lite Syrun commercial

2. Mrs Buttersworth's Lite Syrup 1990 Tv Commercial HD

This is a 1990 tv video commercial from Mrs Buttersworth's Lite Syrup. Hope you enjoy the commercial and as always thanks for watching.

3. 1997 Mrs Butterworth's Lite Syrup Commercial

1997 commercial for Mrs Butterworth's Lite Syrup. Recorded from live broadcast. The Family Channel.

4. Mrs. Butterworth's (2000) Television Commercial - Strawberry Flavor Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth's (2000) Television Commercial - Strawberry Flavor Syrup

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5. Mrs Butterworth Lite - 1989

New lite syrup is thicker than before and half the calories!

6. 1991 Mrs Butterworth's Lite Syrup

7. Mrs. Butterworth's Lite syrup commercial 1990

Commercial from a February 12, 1990 recording of MacGyver on WXYZ TV 7 Detroit ABC

8. Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup 1979 TV commercial

Some charming stop-motion animation features in this 1979 television ad for Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup.

9. 1993 Mrs Buttersworth

10. 1994 Mrs. Butterworths Syrup Commercial

Obviously I do not own this commercial.

Mrs. Butterworths Syrup commercial from 1994.

Uploaded for archival purposes. (VHS)

11. Mrs Butterworth's Syrup Commercial from 1990

An old commercial for Mrs. Butterworth syrup.

12. 1986 Mrs buttersworth Lite Syrup talking bottle TV Commercial

This commercial aired January 25th, 1986. It appeared during a broadcast of "The Vanishing Familly - Crisis in Black America" on CBS Channel 2. KABC is the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles California.

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13. Mrs. Butterworth's Exxxtra Thicc Maple Syrup

The pancakes are flat, but Mrs. Butterworth isn't.


This is a 3D parody animation of the Mrs. Butterworth's brand of maple syrup.

14. 1984 Mrs Butterworth's Syrup Backyard Camping TV Commercial

The commercial was originally aired in November 14th, 1984. It was shown during an episode of "Edge of Night" It was broadcast on KVIA Channel 7 in . Channel 7 was the ABC affiliate in El Paso.

15. 1990's Commercials | Mrs. Butterworth's Lite Syrup

1990's Commercials | Mrs. Butterworth's Lite SyrupWelcome to YoRetroShow - a tribute to my childhood and a spin off of my FMRevu channel. Being a child of the 1980s was a great experience and sometimes I wish I could go back but until I can travel through time these old commercials I have pulled from my mother's VHS collection of recorded movies during the 1980's and 1990's will have to do. I am creating more retro content in addition to these commercials like toy collections and book or magazine thumb throughs of the childhood goodies that survived my kid days.

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