Oreo Waffle Calories

Oreo Waffle Calories

1. Oreo WAFFLE 🧇

2. Healthy Oreo Waffles #shorts


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4. Cheese Slice Ka Waffle 😱😱 | Day 23 of 30 Days Challenge | So Saute #shorts

Cheese Slice Ka Waffle 😱😱 | Day 23 of 30 Days Challenge | So Saute #shorts

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5. 203 Chips Ahoy Challenge (12,800 Calories)

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200 Chips Ahoy Cookies!! No, 203 Chips Ahoy Cookies!
How fast can I consume roughly 13lbs of Cookies and Milk, well watch and find out!!


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6. Oreo Protein Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich: The Best Way to Get Your Protein! #shorts

7. Low-Calorie Waffle Recipe : Lose Weight by Eating

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Low-calorie waffles are a great treat to make for people who love breakfast but want to eat healthy. Get a low-calorie waffle recipe with help from the founder of Lose Weight by Eating in this free video clip.

Expert: Audrey Johns
Contact: loseweightbyeating.com
Bio: Audrey Johns is a weight loss guru who lost 150 pounds in 11 months by cooking and eating real food, and not by demonizing it.
Filmmaker: James Tucker

Series Description: Just because you want to lose weight doesn't mean that you have to stop eating. Lose weight by eating with help from the founder of Lose Weight by Eating in this free video series.

8. Oreo Cheesecake Cups

These delicious little cheesecake cups are flavoured with our Zero Calorie Zero Sugar Vanilla Cheesecake Drops and have a yummy Oreo base! What’s not to love! Especially as they come in at only 135 calories each!

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9. Nabisco's 100 Calorie Packs Oreo Mini Cakesters Commercial - Scream (2009, US)

10. oreo chaffle

11. Keto Oreo waffle recipe/ how to make keto waffles #shorts #ketowaffles #ketodiet #lowcarb #ytshorts

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Mini Waffle Maker

Keto Oreo waffle recipe/ how to make keto waffles #shorts #ketowaffles #ketodiet #lowcarb #ytshorts

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12. 0 calorie OREOS-Zero calorie OREO recipe!!!

zero calorie oreos
0 calorie oreos
zero calorie cookies
0 calorie cookies
zero calorie snacks
0 calorie snacks
0 calorie
calorie deficit

important note
u can use Reddi or cool whip low calorrie whipped topping(reddi 2tbsp have 15 calories while we only use 2 tsp)
or u can use greek yogurt instead which is also v much low in calories

after baking cookies let them cool for 10 minutes atleast to make th crunch..p.s every oven is different so adjust accordingly...make sure oreos turns out crunchy

how to lose weight

13. We Let OREO Decide Our Food Challenge! | 26,000+ Calories | Twins vs Food

For this week’s food challenge, we handed over the reigns to the almighty Oreo cookie to determine what we would have to eat for yet another epic battle between man and food!
With their current lineup including flavor inspirations ranging anywhere from strawberry frosted donuts all the way to coffee chocolate chip ice cream, we thought it would be a fun idea to pick 5 of those Oreo flavors to eat along side the foods their imitating.
This nearly 27,000 calorie Takedown was our second face-off with an over abundance of Oreo cookies but the addition of cake, gelato, donuts, and Nutella made for one intense food challenge that pushed us well past our old capabilities.
We hope y’all enjoy this week’s video and, as always, we’ll be back again next Tuesday with another wild one!
Much love,
-Pete & Nate

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*We do not recommend or encourage anyone try eating the amount of food consumed in this video.

**We approach these as team challenges. All weight, macros and calories are totals unless otherwise stated in the video.

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- Java Chip Oreo
- Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato

- Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo
- Dunkin’ Strawberry Sprinkle Donuts

- Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo
- Nutella

- Carrot Cake Oreo
- Freshness Guaranteed Carrot Cake (Walmart)

- Birthday Cake Oreo
- Freshness Guaranteed Birthday Cake (Walmart)


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Q: How do you not gain weight?
A: Endurance sports (primarily running, cycling and some resistance training tossed in) and extreme discipline & sacrifice with our daily diets is how we manage not to gain weight. We eat mostly vegetables, fruits, some whole grains and low fat dairy on the days outside these challenges. The calories consumed in a food challenge are the only calories consumed that day and sometimes the day following as well seeing our appetites are typically shot from so much food and the thought of eating is very off putting. Two days out we are back to large amounts of vegetables and increase to maintenance from there. We also often eat most of our days calories in a smaller eating window (we frequently bounce between intermittent fasting & OMAD diet as it just seems to work with our lifestyles and eating preferences). Anyone with a larger than normal stomach capacity like us, the drive to push through the discomfort of a challenge like this, and a basic understanding of energy balance (calories in vs calories out) can do it with enough disciple and intention (not that we recommend it).
Also worth mentioning is that we do not exercise to burn the calories consumed in a challenge but rather we are able to consume higher calorie diets due to our love for endurance sports and said discipline with our daily diets.

Q: Can you make a “What I eat in a day” / fitness focused video?
A: While we’re sure that type of video will eventually make its way out there, we are only able to produce one piece of quality content with our current schedules. We’re still in the very early stages of establishing ourselves within the food challenge genre and we’re constantly experimenting & trying to improve upon our style to make our channel/challenges a unique experience. This channel in particular will most likely always primarily revolve around food challenges but, if this ever became a legitimate source of income and we were able to focus our full attention towards creating content, our goal would be to start a second channel to offer more of a look into that side of our lives. So, for now, food challenges are the name of the game.

14. Easy 4-ingredient One Pot Oreo Cheesecake Recipe!

15. Keto Oreo Chaffle #keto #ketodessert

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