Oreo Waffle

Oreo Waffle

1. 오레오 초콜릿 와플 / oreo chocolate waffle - korean street food

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- 가격 위치 정보 -

오레오 초콜릿 와플 : KRW 6,800 (USD 5.9)
초콜릿 와플 : KRW 4,800 (USD 4.2)
씨앗 와플 : KRW 4,800 (USD 4.2)

위치 : goo.gl/maps/fnkyPfJRKtA26JRVA (홍콩다방)

마포구, 서울 한국

2. Oreo Waffle, Pizza Waffle, Sausage Waffle and Korean Special Waffles

00:00 Oreo Waffles
05:52 Strawberry Blueberry Ice Cream Waffles
11:35 Green Tea Ice Cream Waffles
16:05 Pizza Waffle / Chocolate Waffle / Bacon Corn Cheese Waffle
26:05 Kiwi Cream Waffles
30:15 Cheese Sausage Waffles
35:08 Mango Cream Waffles
39:43 Fresh Cream Bomb Waffles
45:44 Cheese Sausage Waffles
47:52 Bacon Egg Chicken Waffles
52:21 Strawberry Cream Waffles
56:29 Fresh Cream Red Bean Waffles
01:02:43 Food Truck Waffles

3. For Real Oreo Fans 🤤 Quick Oreo Waffles 🔥

Do you like to eat oreo cookies? - Then you MUST try these Oreo waffles!

💖 Ingredients: 💖

3 eggs
125 g sugar
125 g butter
250 g flour
250 ml milk
5 g Baking powder
10 g vanilla sugar
Pinch of salt
100 g Oreo biscuits


Oreo cookies always work, right? Instead of just serving a few cookies with your coffee, you can also serve delicious Oreo waffles! These are actually incredibly easy to make. All you need as an aid would be a waffle iron! Just try this quick recipe and you have really delicious Oreo waffles that EVERYONE will like!


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4. How to make cracking Oreo Waffles at home

How to make cracking Oreo Waffles at home

In this video I will show you how to make a cracking oreo waffle recipe. Honestly it is so easy to make tasty Oreo waffles

The perfect combination of sweet and savoury, these cracking waffles are crunchy on the outside and perfectly soft in the inside. Definitely worth making, especially because you can pre-make them and then freeze them until you're ready for them. What a treat these would make for breakfast on a special occasion!!

With just a few ingredients and this easy to follow homemade recipe you will be making cracking oreo waffles on the regular.

Ingredients you'll need to make oreo waffles-
- 260g plain flour
- 4 eggs
- 500ml whole milk
- 25g caster sugar
- 60g unsalted butter
- 8g baking powder
- 3g salt
- 154g oreo biscuits
1 tsp (aka a splish) vanilla extract

For the chocolate ganache-
- 100ml double cream
- 100g milk chocolate

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5. Oreo Waffle | Oreo Recipes | Unique Recipes | Chocolate Waffle #shorts

Oreo Waffles

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6. Easy OREO Waffle Cake At Home

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7. easy Oreo waffles recipe

8. 오레오 와플 / Oreo Waffle - Korean Street Food / 의정부 악마의 레시피

Oreo Waffle
3,500 KRW (USD 3.3)

Korean Street Food / Devil's Recipe, Uijeongbu Korea

9. How to make Oreo Waffle Sandwich

The tastiest waffle Sandwich in the world. How to make Oreo Waffle Sandwich

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2 eggs
60g butter
20g almond flour
100g flour
5 Oreos
natural yoghurt

10. OREO WAFFLE RECIPE 🧇 | Oreo waffle🧇| #waffle #waffles #oreo #oreorecipe #cadbury #ashortaday #shorts

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11. Easy Mix-and-Cook Crispy Oreo Waffles

Recipe and cooking tips are at bakeforhappykids.com/2019/08/easy-crispy-Oreo-waffles.html Enjoy!
Music: bensound.com/

12. Oreo waffle recipe | waffles recipe | chocolate waffles recipe | home made waffles recipe |

Oreo waffle recipe | waffles recipe | chocolate waffles recipe | homemade waffles recipe |

1 packet Oreo biscuit
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup melted butter
1/2 cup warm milk
1/2 fresh cream
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup maida [ all-purpose flour]

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13. Oreo WAFFLE 🧇

14. How To Make Waffles! Homemade OREO Waffle Recipe

How To Make Waffles! Homemade OREO Waffle Recipe

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2 eggs
1 pinch . Baking powder
1 teaspoon honey
80g butter
150g flour
100ml milk
Oreo 100g ( 10 Oreos / cookie )


rice pudding
10 Oreos ( Cream )
Nestle Milchmädchen


2 Eier
1 Msp. Backpulver
1 TL Honig
80g Butter
150g Mehl
100ml Milch
100g Oreo (10 Oreos / Keks)


10 Oreos (Creme)
Nestle Milchmädchen

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15. Oreo waffle making #waffle #perfectshot #wafflemaker #wafflerecipe

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